Erika Newsome, CMA Co-owner/Certified Medical AssistantCMA Co-owner/Certified Medical Assistant

CMA Co-owner/Certified Medical Assistant 14115 Town Loop Blvd Suite 100 Orlando, FL 32837 (407) 413-5503

Erika Newsome is a certified medical assistant who earned her degree at Everest University. She is a co-owner of Solutions Weight Loss along with her husband, Dr. Newsome. She worked in urgent care for over 10 years, before deciding to become a homemaker in 2006. She started her weight loss adventure 1 year ago and after failing to lose with traditional diet and exercise, finally lost 20lbs with HCG. Since then she has kept the weight off. Erika is enthusiastic about teaching others the benefits of HCG and a healthier way of eating. Everyone that works with Erika, has experienced success with the HCG weight loss program and are walking testimonies.

Erika speaks both English and Spanish.


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