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Solutions Weight Loss Orlando is the #1 weight loss clinic in Central Florida! Our patients lost over 15,000 lbs of fat last year alone! You can also lose weight quickly on the popular 800 Calorie HCG diet plan. If you don’t believe it, read our client testimonials. Beyond weight loss, we offer a broad selection of cosmetic procedures and aesthetic services including Botox, Latisse eyelash treatment and Kybella, the new FDA-approved treatment for submental fat (“the double-chin”). Our medical team is passionate about educating and empowering men and women to lose weight, reverse the signs of aging and feel their best. We create an environment where patients feel comfortable – while listening to their concerns. As a family physician and an active member of the American Academy of Aesthetic Medicine, William Newsome, MD has practiced in Orlando for more than 20 years. His comprehensive approach, combined with our talented team, fosters trust while providing the highest quality of care!

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Dr. Newsome will compassionately listen to your concerns, create a plan and set realistic goals for you! For your convenience, we dispense HCG and Phentermine at the office!

Great Prices

ONLY $180 FOR WEIGHT LOSS CONSULTATION Includes: exam, EKG, Real-food diet, Fat%, 1st week’s supply of HCG, Phentermine and weight loss supplements.

Rapid Results

Lose up to 20Lbs each month with our proven HCG diet! No other diet can reliably produce these rapid results!

No Contracts

Finally, a program with no contracts or obligations. Simply pay as you go! Become a member for life!

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