Kickstart Results With A

GLP-1 Medication

Weight Loss Program

Kickstart Results With A

GLP-1 Medication

Solutions Weight Loss

The GLP-1 Medications We Prescribe

The future of weight loss is here! Solutions Weight Loss now offers high-quality, safe and affordable, compounded GLP-1 medications like Semaglutide and Tirzepatide (which you may know under brand names like Wegovy®, Ozempic®, Zepbound®, or Mounjaro®). research shows that when combined with 1:1 physician coaching, low-calorie diet and lifestyle changes, they are the safest and most effective approach to achieve sustainable weight loss.

The Metabolic Approach To Sustainable Weight Loss

Lower Set Point

GLP-1s aid in lowering your body’s set point (the weight your body fights to maintain) by impacting areas in the brain—to help increase your energy expenditure. We still have yet to learn how long weight loss may last, but clinical trials demonstrate that there is sustainable weight loss even after stopping the medication. In other words, there is no evidence of weight regain after using a GLP-1, assuming there has been adequate change in lifestyle and eating habits.

Reduce Inflammation

GLP-1s are clinically proven to reduce inflammatory markers, leading to decreased inflammatory response and oxidative stress.

Improve Metabolism

When our sugar and isulin levels are up and down it becomes more challenging to lose weight.  GLP-1’s regulate blood sugar levels by controlling the release of insulin (only when blood sugar levels are high). This explains why GLP-1s were selected first to treat diabetes. But you do not need to have a diabetes to use a GLP-1 for weight loss.

Reduce Appetite

Why is reducing ones appetite necessary to lose weight? Because to lose weight you must eat fewer calories. The body’s natural response to eating fewer calories is to increase the appetite. Of course, when appetite increases, dieting can become very difficult. In fact, the number one reason people quit dieting is hunger!

GLP-1s mimic our natural hormone, sending signals to the brain to help reduce cravings and hunger. It also works to slow how quickly food passes from the stomach to the intestines. This helps you feel full longer by regulating sugar absorption in the intestine.

Prevent Disease

GLP-1’s are cardio-protective (prevent heart disease), prevent diabetes, lower cholesterol and blood pressure. This explains why these breakthrough medications are so popular among doctors and patients. We all want to lose weight, be healthy and live longer!

Solutions Weight Loss

Understanding Gradual Weight Gain:

Slow Metabolism + Overeating = Weight Gain

To understand weight loss, we must first understand weight gain. Over two-thirds of American adults are overweight or obese primarily due to naturally declining metabolism and other age-related changes beyond our control. However, there is one factor we can control – how many calories we eat each day. In fact, we gain weight primarily by eating more calories than the body can burn off each day. And though overeating is often unintentional, it can occur easily with a snack here and there. Ultimately, the end-result is gradual weight gain.

To lose weight, the opposite is true; One must eat fewer calories than the body needs each day. Under-eating creates what we call a ‘calorie deficit’ and forces the body to burn stored fat for energy, resulting in weight loss!

However, traditional diets often don’t work because our metabolism naturally begins to slow in our early 20’s; and continues to decline by 1-2% every single year. Prior pregnancy, menopause, medications and other age-related imbalances only add to the frustration! So, for the majority of people in their late-20’s – 60’s (who may also have medical conditions affecting their weight), GLP’1 medications were made for you!

With Semaglutide or Tirzepatide, you can easily follow our Solutions 800 calorie diet (to create a steep calorie deficit) and simultaneously feel satisfied! Mike drop!

It’s Rocket Science

Not Will Power

Why Use A Glp-1 Medication To Lose Weight?

GLP-1 medications are different from older classes of prescription weight loss medications (like phentermine) because they work on key underlying metabolic pathways to support sustained weight loss. They are not just another quick fix! Even better, they are stimulant-free, appetite suppressants that allow you to feel natural without overstimulation. Real weight loss can be more easily achieved by first improving your metabolic health. Solutions Weight Loss helps you do just that!

Why Us? We Make It Simple And Easy!

Solutions Weight Loss prescribes and dispenses Semaglutide (the active ingredient in Ozempic and Wegovy) and Tirzepatide (the active ingredient in Mounjaro and Zepbound). We offer high quality compounded GLP-1 medications at an affordable price.

No more waiting in line to beg your doctor for an expensive prescription that your insurance likely won’t cover. During a 30- minute consultation, Dr. Newsome will determine which medication is most clinically appropriate for you. LEAVE WITH YOUR MEDICATIONS THE SAME DAY!

What’s The Difference Between

Semaglutide Vs. Tirzepatide

The Key Difference Between Tirzepatide And Semaglutide Lies In Their Mechanism Of Action.

  • Semaglutide’s single-action mechanism solely activates the GLP-1 receptor to regulate insulin and appetite.
  • Tirzepatide’s dual-action approach stimulates both GLP-1 and GIP receptors, offering a broader span of metabolic benefits and appetite control.


  • Both drugs are innovative and effective for weight loss.
  • Semaglutide has a longer track record
  • Tirzepatide’s dual-action mechanism offers better results.
  • Seek a physicians opinion prior to initiating either of these drugs

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Solutions Weight Loss internal results prove our program is effective at driving long-term improvements to metabolic health and weight loss, with an average of 21% weight loss at 12 months; 19.1% at 18 months, and 18.9% at 24 months. Our members have also decreased their waist circumference by 7 inches, on average.

These results are superior to the weight loss seen in clinical trials for GLP-1 medications, including Wegovy®, Saxenda®, Ozempic®, Rybelsus® and Trulicity®. Regardless of which medication they take, our members have demonstrated significant and sustained results.

Solutions Weight Loss

What If I Can’t Follow-up Weekly?

The program is very flexible! Some choose to return weekly, while others prefer to return less frequently due lifestyle and work. You will need one (1) Semaglutide or (1) Tirzepatide injection + 2 Lipo Burn Shots per week to succeed. We can dispense up to 12 weeks of medication at a time. Just ask for the amount you need during each recheck with Dr. Newsome.

  • Example #1: If you wish to return in 2 weeks, you would pay for 2 weeks.  You’ll receive (2) syringes of Semaglutide or Tirzepatide + (4) Lipo Burn syringes.
  • Example #2: If you wish to return in 5 weeks, you would pay for 5 weeks.  You’ll receive (5) syringes of Semaglutide or Tirzepatide + (10) Lipo Burn Syringes.


Medical insurance policies typically do not cover weight management care and related expenses, including laboratory testing, electrocardiograms, prescription medication and related supplements.

Due to the complexity related to insurance reimbursement, we do not participate with any insurance company at our clinic. Please note that many of our patients do use their Flex Spending Accounts (FSA) and Health Savings Account (HSA) debit cards to pay for medical services related to the treatment of obesity.

Note: We accept Care Credit, After Pay, Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, Debit cards and Cash. Fees are due at the time of service. *Fees are subject to change.

    Solutions Weight Loss

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How soon can I expect to lose weight with a GLP-1 medication?

    People respond to medicines differently, but with our Solutions 800 calorie diet, daily walking and physician support, one can reasonably expect to lose up to 15 lbs the first month and then 10 lbs monthly on average. GLP-1s are not miracle drugs and results depend on dietary compliance.

    Who should NOT use Semaglutide or Tirzepatide for weight loss?

    Do not take this medication if:

    • You have a personal or family history of medullary thyroid carcinoma (Thyroid Cancer)
    • Multiple Endocrine Neoplasia syndrome type 2
    • You are pregnant or plan to become pregnant
    • “You are diabetic and/or taking any medications related to lowering your blood sugar levels
    • Specifically, if you are prescribed Insulin because the combination may increase your risk of hypoglycemia (low blood sugar)
    • You have a history of Pancreatitis
    • You are allergic to Semaglutide, Tirzepatide or any other GLP-1 agonist such as: Ozempic®, Mounjaro, Zepbound, Rybelsus®, Trulicity®, Victoza®, Wegovy®;
    What are the most common side effects of GLP-1 medications?

    The most common side effects of GLP-1’s may include: nausea, diarrhea, vomiting, constipation, stomach (abdomen) pain, headache, tiredness (fatigue), upset stomach, dizziness, feeling bloated, belching, gas, stomach flu, and heartburn.

    Tell your health care provider if you have any side effects that bother you.

    Can I travel with my GLP-1 medication?

    It is possible to travel with your injections:

    • When traveling by air, keep your injections with you in your carry-on with an ice pack to keep it cold.  Our doctor can also write a note for you if requested.
    What if I’m nervous at the thought of injecting myself?

    Dr. Newsome or one of our coaches will walk you through the injection process.

      How often is Semaglutide or Tirzepatide injected?

      It is recommended to inject either medication once weekly on the same day each week.

        What part of the body is a GLP-1 injected?

        With subcutaneous injections, a tiny needle is inserted just below the skin into abdominal fat. It’s as easy as 1-2-3!
        Solutions Weight Loss will train you on how to inject your GLP-1 at home.

        Do I have to inject my GLP-1 medication on the same day every week?

        Yes, it’s recommended that you inject Semaglutide or Tirzepatide on the same day every week at a time that is most convenient for you

        Can I change the day or time when I take my GLP-1?

        Inject your GLP-1 once each week, on the same day each week, at any time of the day. You may change the day of the week as long as your last dose was given 2 or more days before.

        Do I have to stay on a GLP-1 for the rest of my life?

        No.  You can discontinue a GLP-1 when you reach your weight loss goal.  Alternatively you choose to continue your GLP-1 during your maintenance phase to keep the weight off.  In addition to appetie control, there are other benefits of the medication such as heart protection, prevention of diabetes, lower cholesterol, lower blood pressure.

        What should I do if I miss a dose of the GLP-1?

        If you miss a dose and the next scheduled dose is more than 2 days away (48 hours), take the missed dose as soon as possible. If you miss a dose of Semaglutide and the next scheduled dose is less than 2 days away (48 hours), do not administer the dose. Take your next dose on the regularly scheduled day. If you miss doses of Semaglutide for more than 2 weeks, call Solutions Weight Loss to ask  how to restart your treatment.