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A huge thank you to doctor Newsome and Erika and all the staff at Solutions weight loss for helping me on my journey to lose the pounds.  2 years later I have lost over a hundred pounds and now compete in bodybuilding competitions.
They can help you get started. It changed my life!

Erma Shirley

The Solution you need for a healthy lifestyle.

I have lost over 20 pounds with the help of Dr. Newsome and his wonderful team. Everyone is so encouraging and supportive. Dr. Newsome gave me a plan that helps me maintain my goal weight. He educated me on all the right foods I need to consume to maintain my desired weight and lead a healthy lifestyle. Im not totally perfect though, sometimes I have set backs especially because i go on 5 to 7 vacations each year. Whenever I get out of hand on vacation or the holidays, I revisit Solutions to get myself back where I want to be. I recommend Solutions to anyone looking to lose and maintain weight and begin a healthy lifestyle. Did I mention that its affordable too?!

Denise Geathers

Complete Professionalism

After having to take a 3 month break, the staff was very welcoming and completely understanding of the slight set back. They have to be the most professional and genuinely nice medical office staff I have encountered. They offer support and advice without judgment.

Jill Garrett

Nothing but EXCELLENCE

I have always struggle with my weight, and this is the only place that has helped me to not only lose weight in a healthy way, but to develop a healthy eating routine. The staff is incredibly polite and friendly…. This diet will show results in less than 3 days, your body will transform in an incredible way. I recommend it 100%.

Valentina Martinez

Extraordinario Personal

Llevo 20 días en el programa y he bajado 10 libras, sé que he bajado en talla también. Estoy muy contenta con el programa, el doctor es fenomenal al igual que todo el personal y lo recomiendo.

Kenia D Vázquez

It works!!

This program helps everyone, it sets the stepping stones for a healthy lifestyle. Highly recommended!

A Anaya

Not giving up!!

For the last few weeks I had to take more dosage of my medication for my RA. The medication that I am on is a steroid. Since i had to take double dosage it has been very hard for me to loose more weight. But with the help of Solution’s Weightloss I refuse to give up. They have been very helpful with suggestions. I have tried herbal life, body by vi and so much more and nothing has worked like weight loss solutions. I love it here and the ladies are just wonderful!!

Really works

If you are looking for something that really works this is the diet that you are looking for.  The staff are really nice and Erika always has been there to cheer me up when my motivation wasnt there.  I really recommend this place!!  I lost 30 pounds and counting!

Crystal Quintana

Happiest I’ve been in along time

I started 6 months ago and lost 62lbs so far without having to exercise all the time just my 10000 steps which pretty easy.  I feel so good about myself and the staff at solutions are awesome and encouraging. In 6 months I’ve only had 2 setbacks and they encouraged me for the next week.   I love them and the doctor …Thank you all so much!!   This is a life changer for me!   Livia happy Del Rio

Livia Del Rio

Awesome program!

I have tried many programs over the years but this one really works. The staff at the office feel like my cheerleaders as they are always positive and encouraging. Thanks!

Cindy Murray

Great supportive Staff

I started going a year ago, fell of the wagon a couple of times. I’ve returned for 8 consecutive weeks and have lost 25 pounds!!! Started off with 217 pounds, last week I was at 192. Can’t wait to get to my 160 goal weight!!! I love the office staff very friendly and supportive!!! They are always willing to help and always cheering up towards your goal!!! When I weigh in and I loose we all celebrate!!! Thank you guys for all the help and support!!!!

Ermis Chapman

Fantastic Place and Program

The provider and staff are wonderful people!  Always encouraging even on down weeks.  I have lost 72 pounds total, so far, and I appreciate their kind words at every visit.  By far, they know how to treat their patients!

Jill Garrett

Special care

The staff  really cares about your visits  and about how you’re doing.  They are a great motivation for myself.   The program really works!!    I started the program in December 2014 weighing 280 lbs and now July 2015 211 lbs!

Sandra rodriguez

Feeling Good

I have lost 50+ pounds. I feel so much better. No longer taking any blood pressure medicine. The staff at Solutions Weight Loss have become like family.

Janet Stonerock

Great service

The staff at Solutions Weight Loss is very personable and caring!   They take their time working with you to achieve your weight loss goals

Susan Hartman

The Real weight loss Program

I’m not really overweigh – just 15 extra lbs.   I tried a few diets and exercise no results. I have been in the program 2 weeks already lost 6 lbs!


Supportive Team

I am seeing results and am very happy witth the team. I feel supported, motivated to meet my goals. Office is clean, neat and organized!    Dana

Dana DeCre

It Works!

This program really works!  Everyone is very professional and they work and care about your personal goals.

Hyness Martinez

Amazing Results!!

I am super excited to have joined Solutions Weight loss. The first week of joining them I lost 6 lbs. The Phentermine and HCG work great! I feel great and have no negative side effects to the medication. I love how I feel and look. THANK YOU DR. NEWSOME!!!

Miriam Ortiz

Getting it done!

In about 20 weeks I have lost 58 pounds! My journey to better health has been made so much easier with the emotional and physical support of the amazing staff at Hunters Creek Solutions!

Tena Fischer

Truly wonderful experience!

I love the atmosphere & care I receive here! They treat you like family & encourage you every step of the way!

Channa Graham

Thanks for giving me my Bikini body back!

I lost 30 lbs! As we all know when you are in your 40’s it is almost impossible to lose weight. I wanted to impress my husband with an amazing body for our honeymoon….. I got it!

Ivonne Santos

It works like magic!

I have lost 18 pounds in less than 6 weeks without any exercise whatsoever. Hallelujah! This program is the answer to my prayers. The fat is melting away, I can eat real food and I am not hungry… It doesn’t get any better than this… not to mention… I feel great!

Joyce Letterman


Thank you so much!  You guys are amazing!

Beverly camacho


I was not sure and decided to google and read about it. I also asked questions to the doctor and staff about HCG.   After all that, I even saw an episode of Dr. Oz that talked about it.   I am now happy to say that using the shots and eating a healthy portion control diet,  I have been able to lose 10 pounds in 3 weeks! I don’t regret at all and will continue the program until I reach my goal of losing 35 pounds. I highly recommend it!!    Yvette

Yvette Cruz

It works!!!

I just started with this diet and it Really works! The doctor and staff is amazing as well!   Recommended!


Weight Loss Program

I’ve tried many weight loss programs and was  unable to succeed, but thanks to Solutions I have been able to achieve my weight loss goal .  Very professional staff and supportive .   Thanks!

Debbie Rodriguez

Great staff and Office

I have been going to Solutions Weight Loss since September and I must say I love this place!  The staff is friendly.  They don’t make you feel like just another patient… I am very happy that I’ve chosen this program!

Jennifer Rivera

Diet Really Works

I would like to say,  I transferred from a different physicians office.  This office is extremely professional and curteous.  The diet works.  I have lost 50 lbs. total!!

Jill Garrett

I was very impressed with

I was very impressed with the doctor and his staff. The program makes sense and I have seen results right away.  I am so glad I found Solutions Weight Loss, Dr. Newsome and his wonderful staff!

Linda Williams

Love It!!

I have RA and take Prednisone.   So for myself its much harder to lose the weight.  But since being on the HCG, I’ve lost 9 lbs in 3 weeks!

Annette burgos


I’ve tried so many different types of weightloss programs and gotten nowhere. Not only am I losing weight with the help of Solutions but I feel like I’m making a real change! I feel better.   I know I’m on the road to a better, healthier me.  Not just a quick weightloss, I’ll end putting it right back on!  One of the best perks is the staff!!  Not only are they so knowledgeable and helpful, but the sweetest people ever!!

Jackie VanPatten


I’m extremely happy with my treatment. Everything truly does work. Thank you Doctor and your wonderful team!

Maria L.Perdomo

a weight loss program that really works

I have lost 23lbs so far, 35lbs to go. I can’t believe how easy it is and the team is so supportive.  I’ve been going for only 5 weeks and I feel great!   I’m actually keeping up with my 4 yr old.

Livia Del Rio

awsome staff

I have been going to them for almost one year this April.   Love the staff. I still have 5 pounds to go . thanks you!

joanne sinanan


So far I feel better and have more control on my cravings, is only my first month but I can see awesome results!

Illeana Villar

From flab to fab!

After tipping the scales at 201 pounds I was searching for a way to get into shape before my beach family reunion. I was so happy to find a place close to home that offered the HCG program. With the encouragement of the Solutions staff I was able to lose 30 pounds before stepping onto that beach. I wore a bikini for the first time in years and I felt better than ever. After I changed my eating habits and lost that weight my labs came back and showed an improvement in my health. Being a nurse I have always known what I needed to do to lose weight but I just needed a little help to get started. For me Solutions Weight Loss was just what the doctor ordered!



Great staff, very pleasant! Great results!


I am a new member

I am a new member and I am very excited about my weight loss journey! Everyone at the office is very kind and knowledgeable so I feel comfortable with the plan laid out for me. I can’t wait to post updates with the newer, healthier me!

Tena Fischer

This program works

I have lost 21 pounds til now. Im at 183 now. 8 more to go, Then phase 3 & 4. Definetly, I cant do it with out Solutions Weight Loss. Great Team, real doctors.


Great team

I love this program. Have started seeing results rather quickly. The team is great and very encouraging, friendly and make you feel comfortable with everything. Glad I chose this program. 🙂


Outstanding Clinic and Weight Loss Program

This program is amazing. It offers the support and medical attention you need to reach your goals. I am very happy with my results and I’m looking forward to achieving my goal weight. Dr. Newsome and his team are fully dedicated to my success. Thank you!!!

Frank Riano


Great program that really works!   lost 5 pound in a week, easy and are affordable.


Feeling good about yourself

This is the best weightloss plan I have ever been on. It truly works and you can eat some really good food. I started at the end of October 2014 and have lost a total of 42lbs. I am finally feeling good about myself and looking forward to this summer. Thank you Dr. Newsome!

Lauranne Riddle


I have been doing it for about three months now. It is amazing I feel so much better and a lot more energy . And on to top it off I have lost like 76 pounds I think thanks for everything.

jamie riddle

I feel great!

I have lost over 45 lbs using Dr. Newsome’s products. What a great team of employees who have supported me in my journey so far. Thank you!

Janet Stonerock

Feliz con mi nuevo look

Es una verdadera satisfacción para mi, después de tantos años de lucha por bajar de peso, saber que en cuatro meses logre bajar 31 libra gracias a estas bellas personas que hicieron mi gran sueño realidad. Con el método de HCG que siiii funciona. SOLUTIONS WEIGHT LOSS SI ES UNA REALIDAD.

Marleny Marin

I feel great!

Motivated as I see lbs out of my body and everyone noticing now that I lost weight! even that I have cheated through the holidays! I just have 5 lbs to go and then maintain the weight. Great support! Thank you!

Sandra Negron

The best weight loose clinic

The best weight loss clinic

Luis Antonio Zamora

HCG Diet Works Great

Great facility I have been going to solutions Weightloss now for a little over 4 months I’ve been on the HCG diet and I have lost over 60 pounds still a long way to go for me, but I’ve continuously lost weight every week from the time I started. The staff is great they keep me motivated and wanting to come back every Tuesday to see the results, not one week have I come through there doors without loosing pounds Dr Newsome and his wife Erika an there assistant Maria are the best with out this team I would not have made it through these months thank you guys!!!!!!

Brandon Rivers

Anybody can do it!

Anybody can do it!

Adriana Lemuel Casillas-Gomez

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