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Prescription Appetite Control Orlando

A Lifestyle of Overeating:

Gradual Weight Gain

Over two-thirds of American adults are overweight or obese due to overeating. Overeating is not usually intentional and often occurs in subtle ways such as a snack here and there. But regardless of intention, the end result is eventual weight gain. This does not mean there are no other contributing factors (e.g. age, medications or certain health conditions). But becoming overweight is primarily due to eating more calories than the body needs each day.

To lose weight, the opposite is true; One must eat a diet with fewer calories than the body needs each day. Under-eating creates what we call a ‘calorie deficit’. When there is a calorie deficit, it forces the body to burn stored fat for energy, resulting in weight loss!

A Lifestyle of Overeating:

Why do I need an appetite suppressant to lose weight?

The body’s natural response to eating fewer calories is to increase the appetite. Of course, when appetite increases, dieting becomes a real challenge. In fact, the number one reason people quit dieting is hunger! This begs the question: Wouldn’t it be nice to have a medication that controls hunger?

Introducing Phentermine

The leader among Appetite suppressants!

Phentermine is an FDA-approved, once-daily diet pill known to aid in weight loss by suppressing appetite. Phentermine is a stimulant and appetite suppressant available only with a doctor’s prescription.  It is probably the most well-known weight loss medication. It can also be prescribed under brand names including Adipex-P, Lomaira, and Suprenza. However, there is no chemical or functional difference between generic and brand-name versions.

Although phentermine was FDA-approved over 60 years ago, it was not until the 1990s that it gained in popularity. Today phentermine remains one of the most prescribed weight loss drugs in the world due to its relative safety and efficacy! In other words, phentermine is a safe and effective way to decrease hunger while dieting!

How much weight can I expect to lose using Phentermine?


Because everyone is different, there’s no way to be certain. However, on average, patients at Solutions Weight Loss Orlando, FL tend to lose about 15 lbs the first month and 10 lbs each month thereafter. Phentermine is not a miracle drug.  Therefore success depends on compliance with diet and recommended activity.

Several medical studies have found that even short term phentermine administration induced significant weight reduction and waist circumference without clinically problematic adverse events in relatively healthy obese people.

How is Phentermine Taken?

The standard dose of phentermine is 37.5mg daily.  Phentermine may be taking once daily in the morning or one may take 1/2 tablet before breakfast and 1/2 tablet before lunch. One should avoid taking phentermine after 2pm to avoid trouble sleeping.

How Long Can Phentermine Be Used To Lose Weight?

As long as a patient is making steady progress toward their weight loss goal, phentermine may be prescribed for extended periods of time. This decision is at the doctors discretion if the benefits of phentermine outweighs the risk of ongoing obesity. Keep in mind, however, the effects of the medication will decrease if the medication is taken for more than 1 year.

Nonetheless, after three months of treatment, your physician may suggest you stop taking the medication if you haven’t seen significant weight loss.

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Where can I find phentermine in Orlando Fl?

While most doctors in Orlando FL are able prescribe phentermine to reduce weight, many do not have an organized weight loss program. Those that do prescribe the medication often lack time to thoroughly educate the patient on diet and exercise leading to another failed attempt at weight loss. 

 For your convenience, Dr. Newsome is licensed in FL to prescribe and dispense phentermine in our Orlando area office, saving you a trip to the pharmacy! With the combination of comprehensive lifestyle change, appetite control, natural supplements and other essential vitamins, there is a much greater chance for success. 

Why not schedule a consultation at our Orlando FL Office Today?

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How do weight loss clinics determine if phentermine is right for you?

If your physician has determined that you continue to suffer from obesity (a BMI of 30 or more) despite improving your diet and exercise, you may be given phentermine, which is the first line of treatment for obesity. Alternatively, if you have a BMI of 27 or higher and you have at least one weight-related health problem, such as mild to moderate, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, or type 2 diabetes you may also be prescribed phentermine. The goal of weight loss is to reduce the risk of heart disease in obese adults.

    However, you cannot take phentermine if you are pregnant, breast-feeding, have glaucoma, an overactive thyroid, severe untreated blood pressure or heart disease. These conditions combined with appetite suppressant may have serious side effects.

    Ultimately, there is no “one-size-fits-all”. At Solutions Weight Loss Orlando FL, Dr. Newsome will assess your unique situation to determine if phentermine is appropriate for you.

      Frequently Asked Questions

      Are there any side effects?

      No drug, including appetite suppressants, is without adverse effects or possible drug interactions. Phentermine is a stimulant and therefore increased energy is an expected side effect. Ironically, increased energy is probably the most appreciated side effect of phentermine.

      Other side effects may include constipation and dry mouth and sleeplessness. Most side effects can be addressed with a simple remedy. However you can rest assured that we have other options available to control the appetite if you decide phentermine is not for you.

      What happens if I stop taking phentermine?

      Generally, nothing happens when you stop taking phentermine. Of course, your natural appetite will return. If you continue with healthy eating habits, you should be able to maintain your weight loss. There’s no evidence that stopping phentermine leads to rebound weight gain.

      Why is Phentermine the best weight loss pill?

      Simply put, it’s the most effective at reducing hunger. You can expect full energy most of the day and reduced cravings for food. That’s all you really need in order to lose weight efficiently.

      Can I overdose (OD) on Phentermine?

      There are no known cases of overdose on phentermine. But, it is always recommended to take it only as prescribed by your doctor. The maximum recommended dose is 37.5mg daily.

      Is Phentermine a Controlled Substance?

      While phentermine is considered a controlled substance, it is classified as schedule IV since there is no evidence suggesting that it is addictive. In fact, the potential for addiction is extremely low.