Back to School LunchesJust about everybody likes a great grape! Even famous comedians have centered whole jokes on the many fun uses and the deliciousness of the friendly grape.

You would be surprised the solutions for weight loss or transformations a few small changes can make. One lunchtime fan favorite is a medley of grapes floating in a bowl of hearty applesauce. The more creative we are with helping healthy foods fight their junk food competition, the more inclined kids and adults alike will make the right choices.

Now that everyone is reacquainted with their old friend the grape, let’s see what other food friends we love to see during this Back-To-School season of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle™ and Disney™ Princesses lunchboxes!

Protein Please!

Wraps are not just for your chic and sophisticated “grown-up” lunch set up. Sometimes bread gets soggy or too filling for your little one, so change the dynamic by wrapping their sandwich dressings. The wrap market has soared with the varieties of wheat, white and creatively flavorful tortillas.

Fun-tastic Fruits

Sure an apple a day keeps the doctor away, but what does a pear do? Or a blueberry? In some circles, fruit has been getting a bad name lately due to misconceptions of their sugar levels. But fruit, especially those considered “Superfruits”, are very beneficial to healthy bodies and healthy minds. Like with anything else you feed your little loved ones, over consumption is the real culprit.

Cool Cut-Outs

Finger foods and bite sized buddies are the perfect lunchbox items for kids to want to finish all their food when you’re not watching them to make sure. There are an overabundance of shaping tools for food that will make their foods fun; like pineapple slices in the form of a star or heart. Fun designs don’t have to be solely for holidays and special occasions.

Veggie Victories

Unless your child is that one kid who loves Brussel sprouts and cauliflower, let’s assume vegetables are a tricky lunchbox filler. Thankfully carrots and pickles come in all sorts of fun shapes and crunchy delights. If they refuse to eat them separate, try to work them into their wrap or sandwich.

Dippers & Dunkers

Who remembers dipping celery sticks in peanut butter? We do! Let your little tikes let their imaginations soar like an eagle that dives into the hummus. Kids like to play with their food; that’s just what they do. So why not let your little engineer build a turkey, cheese & cracker skyscraper that ends up with a bite on the east side!

Before you go, here are a few more ideas for packing lunches that cater to HOW you pack their lunches:

  • Include children in the preparation adventure that makes them look forward to their lunchtime.
  • Make sure they actually like the items you pack; or else there’s more trading going on than the stock exchange.
  • Don’t pack too much and leave them sluggish the rest of the day.

Of course, healthy eating habits are always easier to make when the whole family is on-board!  Contact Solutions Weight Loss to learn about our HCG Diet Plan success stories or just to find out what diet plan works best for you an your loved ones.