sweet candyWhich is scarier to you, a makeshift ghost with a Jack-o-Lantern head or candy corn? October has arrived and with it, one of the most sugary holidays there is; Halloween. October is a time for scary activity of all kind. Holiday eating habits can be one of the scariest. Don’t let your weight loss solution go astray because of binging on sweets. From work parties and goodie bags filled with sweet treats to the candy the kiddies bring home from trick or treating and leftover treats from the bowl by your front door; the sugar amounts can be downright terrifying.

Transformation Weight Loss

The kinds of weight loss solutions that produce the transformations we all like to see take a plan of action that works for every individual. It is important to stay on schedule with the program you have committed your time and effort to. Be on task with making the right choices by remembering what your weight loss coach has suggested for making it through the day doing just that.

Whether your plan is to lose weight through the HCG Diet Plan or through a more general medical weight loss plan, Solutions Weight Loss will help you reach the goals you’ve set for yourself.

Candy Makes you Smile, Until it Doesn’t

Junk food and processed sugary treats do more damage than excess calories. Consider your:

  • Teeth: Your pearly whites become less pearly as enamel deteriorates.
  • Metabolism: Pure dark chocolate can do wonders for the metabolism, but that does not mean you can binge on dark chocolate candy bars. And no, eating milk chocolate in the dark won’t help either!
  • Digestion: Just because your favorite multi-colored candy might be shaped like fruits and vegetables, there is no fiber in them so watch the solely sugar treats continue the party in your stomach and cause pain and irregularity in the restroom.
  • Hormones: Except serious hormone imbalance with the hyped up Ups and the severe drop offs of the downs. Spicing and falling sugar levels will do that.
  • Sleep/Rest: Can’t figure out why you are wide awake at 3 am? Especially when you have a meeting at 8am? Blame your candy snacking throughout the day and the few pieces as you got ready for bed. Puffy eyes, the bags underneath them and blotchy skin will have you contemplating Botox clinics in Orlando quickly. Also, consider visiting an urgent care clinic if the condition worsens.

Beware the Candy Snatchers!

Excess amounts of candy and sugary treats laying around the house will affect more than your metabolism. Be the voice of reason and keep a clear head for your loved ones. Sure people laugh at the dentist that hands out the toothbrushes to Trick or Treaters, but when was the last time you changed your toothbrush? The same applies to providing better treats to hand out; peanut butter crackers for example.

Guard your home from the dangers of a destructive day and following week of binging or unconscious snacking. Contact us today for a healthier you tomorrow!