Juvederm : Best Choice for Wrinkle-Free Skin

JuvedermThere are various reasons why Juvederm has become the preferred choice for anti-wrinkle treatments in the face. Wrinkles make people look older than usual and often become the cause of embarrassment. Juvederm has become the preferred choice because of how fast it acts and ensures that the wrinkles are taken care of. Results are shown on the face within a few hours of Juvederm being administered, the area around the nose and the mouth look young again, thereby ensuring that one gains confidence. This is a big reason why it has become the preferred choice.

Another reason Juvederm has become a preferred choice is because the treatment stays up to a year, which is a fairly long time as far as wrinkles are concerned. Often when injected with other medicines, people have to seek medication again after a period of three or six months, making it more expensive on their behalf. With Juvederm, the treatment lies for a year which ensures that for one whole year, one need not worry about wrinkles at all. Financially, Juvederm is a highly viable option as one needs to spend only once a year. (more…)

Myths About Botox

Myths About Botox

Trust us, we’ve done our research and now it’s time to clear a few superstitions pertaining to Botox.

The fact is, there are individuals who are not completely qualified to conduct Botox treatment sessions, but they do it anyway. With any minor or major procedure, conduct your own research and be thoroughly informed about what you need to know. We narrowed down the most popular myths about Botox to address the concerns, so you can be at ease if you should consider getting Botox in the future.

  • “If I Get Botox, my face will be frozen.”

This is the most popular myth, and an understandable one. The images we see in media, resonate with us, but this is absolutely untrue. Botox DOES NOT erase  natural facial expressions.

  • “Botox is only for those wanting to get rid of wrinkles.”

Botox’s initial use was for cosmetic purposes, but further clinical studies have indicated that Botox can be used to relieve a myriad of medical conditions. This includes strabismus, eyelid muscle spasms, chronic migraine, cervical dystonia, overactive bladder, excessive underarm sweating, and upper limb spasticity. (more…)