Juvederm: Embrace Your Wisdom, Not Your Wrinkles

Juvederm: Embrace Your Wisdom, Not Your Wrinkles

If there were two pieces of wisdom you’d offer your younger self they would probably be:

  1. Don’t let Amanda from the eighth grade make you feel bad about getting bangs.
  2. Wear sunscreen every day.

Unfortunately, you can’t go back in time and defend yourself from Amanda’s bullying or from the sun’s UV rays.

But now you’re wiser, and perhaps your wrinkles are showing that. While you should embrace your wisdom, you don’t need to embrace forehead wrinkles.

Juvederm is a nonsurgical and noninvasive method of getting back your youthful skin. It can take care of all the wrinkles and lines that start to take center stage on your face; no bangs necessary.

Take that, Amanda.

What happens when you age?

While aging is never something to be ashamed of, it can still be daunting. Your appearance slowly changes over time. While that is in response to life experiences, laughter, and memories, it can be a little nostalgic at best.

When you are young, your skin is firm and elastic because there is a sufficient amount of collagen present in your body. Collagen is a protein which provides strength, firmness and elasticity to your skin. It also helps in replacing the dead cells of your skin. As we grow older, the production of collagen naturally slows


Courtney Cox has been known to make subtle changes over the years.

down. This degenerative process makes your skin lose its elasticity causing wrinkles and lines.

Also, lifestyle factors: like smoking, poor dietary habits, and excessive sun exposure cause our body’s collagen levels to fall.

Additionally, a polysaccharide called hyaluronic acid makes our skin more elastic. Similar to collagen, we lose our store of hyaluronic acid (HA) reduces as we age, which causes deep lines and sagging skin.  Hyaluronic acid has the ability to improve the appearance and texture of your skin, which is why it is also a key component involved in the Vampire Facial, Vampire Facelift and other nonsurgical aesthetic procedures.

Produced by our body naturally, HA is present in large concentration in our skin, eye sockets, joints and other tissues. Hyaluronic acid helps increase moisture, it provides elasticity and above all assists in retaining collagen.

What is Juvederm and how does it work?

Juvederm is an injectable gel, or dermal filler,  that has the reputation of being a “liquid facelift”.

In fact, because the liquid is no natural for plumping sunken areas of the skin, it is the most common form of cosmetic prevention in Hollywood. According to two top Beverly Hills plastic surgeons, injectable because the transformation is subtle yet impactful enough. Most likely, any given celebrity has experience with Juvederm; they just aren’t forthright about it.


Even Molly Sims who leads a healthy lifestyle is said to use fillers to preserve her youthful glow.

Benefits of Juvederm:

There are several dermal fillers available on the market, but Juvederm is the only FDA-approved gel known to provide great results.  Juvederm is widely used as the most preferred filler for correcting facial aging anomalies.

Some of the major benefits of Juvederm are as under:

  1. Safety:

Juvederm is safe because it contains hyaluronic acid, which is naturally present in our body making it safe for any skin tone. As well as being noninvasive, the procedure typically is done under an hour. That means there is relatively no downtime needed for recovery and no risk of infection or anesthesia from surgery.

  1. Instantaneous results:

Juvederm provides instantaneous results, so you can start to see the improvement immediately after the procedure. While some minor swelling or bruising may appear around the injection sites, results are faster after use of icing. Usually about three rounds of injections will provide the most substantial amount of results.

  1. No discomfort:

While you may still feel uncomfortable with needles, Juvederm treatments are coupled with a pain reliever called lidocaine. This means the only sensation you feel during the producer is the initial prick of the needle.

  1. Smooth and natural looking results:

Most other HA fillers are made of granular gels, whereas Juvederm is a smooth gel that has even consistency. This makes Juvederm’s appearance under your skin more natural and smooth than any other HA filler. Don’t forget, the HA is working with your body’s natural chemistry.

Now keep in mind that while Juvederm helps reduce the appearance of aging, it is not a sole anti-aging force. SPF sunscreen is still your greatest protection from sun damage. Additionally, moisturize nightly to restore what your daily environmental exposures may disrupt.

Before considering Juvederm, find a trusted physician or local family practice who will have a consultation before the procedure.

If you are the Orlando area, contact Solutions Weight Loss and get rid of your wrinkles, fine lines around the mouth and nose or those bags under the eye. Make your lips fuller or make your cheeks plumper. We offer The Vampire Facelift, Vampire Facial, HCG Diet Plan and Botox Cosmetics services in Orlando, Florida.

You can love your wisdom and age, but you don’t have to let them show in wrinkles.

Are Your Wrinkles Showing Too Much Wisdom?  7 Anti-Aging Secrets You Should Follow

Are Your Wrinkles Showing Too Much Wisdom? 7 Anti-Aging Secrets You Should Follow

At every red light, I can count on my friend pulling down her car’s vanity mirror, looking into it while pulling back her face with both hands, and saying “So this is what a facelift would look like.”

While in the moment it is comical and we both have a laugh, she really doesn’t need one. However, I understand that every time we see a crease on our face that we could have sworn wasn’t there the day before, it is a slight cause of alarm.

Sometimes we get frustrated with our aging. How did these wrinkles get here? Why do kids have nice skin? And so on.

Then we become proud of our aging. Fine line and wrinkles show our journey, our wisdom. There is character in laugh lines for it means we spent most of our life smiling and laughing. I like the little creases in between my eyebrows, it means I was focused on doing or learning something with great content. Aging gives us character, power even.

However, I know what you’re thinking, character is good but too much of a good thing can become a bad thing.

If you’re looking for a natural way to slow the, well, “wisdom” of your skin, we have some secrets to do just that.

7 anti-aging secrets that will help you stay young:

Sometimes lifestyle changes can prove to be as beneficial as surgical inference; in all aspects of health. You may decide to go with a more invasive approach to anti-aging, but to maintain the results, lifestyle shifts are sometimes necessary. Here are some tips:

1. Always eat healthy, whole foods.

Those 100-Calorie packs are just not going to cut it. Your skin needs whole foods; produce, mixed grains, organic proteins. Produce like avocado contain antioxidant carotenoids that aid your skin in fighting off radicals that could cause damage (aging) to your skin cells. Mixed grains provide our bodies with minerals needed to absorb the nutrients of other nutrient dense foods. These minerals often include, iron, magnesium, and even zinc. Organic, grass-fed beef tend to higher percentages of omega-3 present in it. Omega-3 works as an antioxidant against free radicals and work to repair what exposure to the sun damages.

Some of the best whole foods for anti-aging includes blueberries, spinach, salmon, olive and coconut oil, tomatoes, and even dark chocolate helps reduce irritation from UV exposure!

2. Drink a lot of water.

Water is everywhere and there is a reason for that. One of the most effective and natural way to keep your wrinkles in check is to drink plenty of water, at least 8 – 10 glass a day. The skin is made of about 30% water and drinking ample amounts of water helps re-hydrate it which helps maintain elasticity.

Try infused water with lemon or cucumber. Lemon water is full of potassium and Vitamin C which fight off free radicals while also repairing the damage already done by them. Cucumber works as anti-inflammatory. Both are just great ways to cleanse your body of internal, unwanted toxins, too.

3. Get sleep.

We know this one if easier said than done. It’s like telling you to be less stressed (which also helps with anti-aging). You know eight hours of sleep are necessary not only for anti-aging but also for healthy living in general. If this is difficult for you, consider some changes to your nightly routine.

Drinking a glass of unprocessed cherry juice, over-the-counter melatonin, avoiding a screen for 30 minutes before bed, any of these made aid in your ability to sleep. If not, consider seeing a specialist for sleep care.

If sleep isn’t an issue and you’re still concerned with fine lines, discontinue sleeping with your face smashed into your pillow. This can causes creases in your skin from the fabric. Consider either sleeping on your back or changing your pillow cases to silk ones.

4. Avoid exposure to sun.

Wearing sunscreen every day is your number one, guaranteed way to prevent aging.

You know that UV radiation is the culprit to not only skin damage but also skin cancer. You know that you need to wear at least an SPF of 50 every single day. Yes, you can’t just wear sunscreen to the beach or to a baseball game. Even when you are indoors, UV rays are strong enough to penetrate buildings.

By protecting your skin from the most destructive force to your skin will only aid your efforts later in life keeping wrinkles at a minimal. Wear your sunscreen!

5. Add vitamin A to your diet.

Naturally, by adding whole foods to your diet, you will naturally add a variety of nutrients to your diet that you may not already be exposed to. However, Vitamin A specifically helps the production of collagen which repairs damaged skin tissues.

Collagen diminishes the harmful effects of oxidation, reduces wrinkles and fine lines, and helps decrease sun damage. Eggs, carrots, kale, and tuna are all high in Vitamin A.

6. Quit smoking.

If skin cancer, emphysema, and tooth decay aren’t reason enough to quit, perhaps your skin is. Smoking decreases the flow of blood to the skin and lowers the level of oxygen and vitamins to the outer layer of the body. It also destroys elastin and collagen, which are a must for a youthful skin. Hence, quit smoking if you want to look young.

7. Get expert advice on cosmetic procedures and products for skin regeneration.

This perhaps is the most important of them all. See a dedicated skincare doctor who is an expert in aging. They will be able to who can work with you and on your skin type to find out what is right for you, be it cosmetic procedures or products. There are a range of procedures to choose from and similarly an array of cosmetic products to lay your hands on. Sometimes all you need is a bit of guidance.


If you are in and around Central Florida contact Solutions Weight Loss and meet Dr. Eddie Thomas to plan out how to rejuvenate your skin and look young.

Solutions carries the best medical grade skin products, the SkinMedica, to bring back the youth in you. They know the power of the human body to invigorate itself. The line includes a full array of advanced skin care solutions, including creams, lotions, cleansers, moisturizers, toners, lip plumps, sunscreens, and more, all designed with a more youthful-looking, vibrant you in mind. From our Vampire Facelift (or Vampire lift) to the Vampire Breastlift or HCG Diet Plan, we can help you reach your 2017 beauty and health goals!

Come and visit Solutions Weight Loss for a comprehensive review of your health needs.

Is 2017 Your Year to Look Younger?

Is 2017 Your Year to Look Younger?

Given the choice (and none of the judgement) what is the first thing you would change about your body? Does it have to do with struggling with skinny jeans post-holiday sugar cookies? Or constantly worrying you didn’t blend your nose contour well enough? Or does it have to do with all the half-empty bottles of false skincare promises left on your bathroom counter?

If it is the last one, read on.

By default, the face is our calling card; by looks, emotions, and simple identification! No matter what, we all want to make it count by looking great, even if we sometimes ugly cry our mascara off.

It seems that as we get older, the spotlight feels to dim on our once luminous face and sun damage, acne, and dark circles take its place. However, if you’re not quite ready to let go of your glow, we have your noninvasive option.

Before her social media hiatus, remember when Kim Kardashian posted a blood-slathered selfie? Well, it wasn’t actually something to fear, it was yet another trend to try; it’s the one known as the Vampire Facelift.

Much like many other of Kim’s actions, this one went viral too, becoming an instant attraction for A-listers. Kim is not alone in vouching for the veracity of its effectiveness. The reason why it has become a hit with celebrities is the fact that there is no down time and minimal side effects. After all, it is highly unlikely that your body would negatively react to your own blood.

What is the Vampire Facelift?

Created by Dr. Charles Runels, the FDA approved Vampire Facelift can rejuvenate your face and make you probably look better than you did at your own prom.
The patient’s blood is drawn from the arm which is later spun in a centrifuge to separate the platelet rich plasma or PRP. These are then injected back into the patient’s facial skin. When it is combined in a particular way with fillers like Restylane or Juvederm, the combination becomes what is known and patented as the Vampire Facelift.

When to consider a Vampire Facelift:

How do you know that your face needs a Vampire Facelift? Look out for these three signs on your face:

1. Your skin color has become greyer due to lack of proper blood supply.

2. The shape of your face has collapsed and become droopy due to decrease in muscle and collagen.

3. The texture of your skin has become rough.

Simply put, you have lost your rosy hue as seen in children and young adults and you appear tired, worn and droopy. Let’s be honest, you look tired because you work hard, isn’t it time to treat yourself with some good skin, higher self-esteem, and maybe a new dress for happy hour? It is time for you to give your face a Vampire Facelift.

How does the Vampire Facelift work?

The procedure is completed in two parts. During the first part, a filler like Juvederm is injected in specific parts of the face. This is done to restore the shape of your younger face.

In the second part, two teaspoons or a vile of blood is taken from a patient’s arm and is then put inside a centrifuge for separation. The process separates red blood cells from the platelet rich plasma, referred to as PRP. This platelet rich plasma is injected under the facial skin using a micro needling technique, which stimulates the growth of collagen. Collagen, a protein, is a natural body healer which replaces dead cells of the skin and also provides strength and elasticity to it.

It’s all about allowing the body to heal on its own and in 2017, natural health is more attractive than anything…but an avocado mask just isn’t going to cut it anymore.

Proof that Vampire Facelift works:

The Journal of Cutaneous and Aesthetic Surgery published a study comparing two different procedures using combination treatment. In the first, PRP was paired with micro needling, which is known as Collagen Induction Therapy. In the second, Vitamin C was paired with micro needling. Both pairings were tested on patients who had acne scarring.

The patients’ acne scarring was first rated on the Goodman and Baron Scale and grades were subsequently assigned. Both sides of each patient’s face were digitally photographed before and after the completion of treatment maintaining the same background, lighting and positions.

30 patients in the age bracket of 18- 34 participated in the study. Each one of the patients received four treatments in four-week increments. Patients were treated with the PRP combo on the right side of their face and on the left side they were treated with Vitamin C combo. The acne scars were re-evaluated after the treatment, both by the doctors as well the patients using the Goodman and Baron Scale. Out of the total 30 patients, 23 of them showed improvements of one or two grades with PRP combination.

In another study 23 patients were treated once a month with PRP and a filler injected into specific locations on the face and neck. The study conducted over a three month period was published by the Journal of Drugs in Dermatology. A digital camera and a Dermoscope were used to photograph the study participants, both before and after the procedure. The patients were finally evaluated after one month of their treatment and it was found that the technique was effective with satisfactory results. It was also noted that none of the participants experienced any major or persistent side effects.

There are many women who have shared their Vampire Facelift before and after experiences on the RealSelf.com website and majority of them are happily satisfied with the results. RaelSelf.com encourages women to share their experiences on its website who have undergone cosmetic surgery. They can also ask questions which are answered by the doctors.

Logistics of Vampire Facelift:

Vampire Facelift is a simple noninvasive procedure with minimal or no side effects. It improves the quality of your skin.

An out-patient procedure, Vampire Facelift takes only about 30-60 minutes of your time after which you can resume your normal activities. There will of course be some redness on your face due to the micro needling technique, which would subside over time. The difference will be visible to you in a couple of days and will gradually keep on improving for about two to three months after the procedure.

Even months after the procedure your skin will continue glowing as the plasma stimulates the stem cells of the skin to produce more collagen. And as the new cells grow they keep rejuvenating your skin.A treatment of Vampire Facelift is so effective the results last 16 months up to two years.

The average cost of a Vampire Facelift is $1,125 (according to RealSelf.com).

Why Solutions Weight Loss?

At Solutions Weight Loss we know what it takes to have a healthy face. As a family physician and an active member of the American Academy of Aesthetic Medicine, William Newsome, MD has practiced in Orlando for more than 20 years.

Dr. Newsome, personally trained by Dr. Charles Runels, works with each of his patient to decide the best possible treatment. Just being envious of a beautiful woman will not make you more beautiful; but what you can do is visit Solutions Weight Loss and meet Dr. Newsome for your own Vampire Facelift.

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Latisse vs Faux Lashes

Latisse vs Faux LashesDid you know that your eyelashes protect from your eyes from debris? They are very sensitive to touch and causes an involuntary blink whenever there is an object close to the eye. There is an ongoing debate in the cosmetic industry, in regards to eyelashes. Some want to see real lash growth while others prefer to a provisional option by purchasing. There is an ongoing debate in the cosmetic industry, in regards to eyelashes. Some want to see real lash growth while others prefer to a provisional option by purchasing lash extensions.

The temporary appearance of extra lashes might appeal to those who want more luxurious, dramatic lashes, maybe for a night out or an all-day glamorous look. Beauty comes with a price, and while faux lashes may give the look of extravagance they have been proven to cause serious damage, if not applied by a licensed beautician. They have been around for many years and experts say that more mature women are more likely to experience damage than younger age groups.

We’ve compiled a small list below, to outline some of the potential limitations when using faux lashes over extended periods.

  • Failure to apply by a professional may result in temporary damage or worse, corrective eye surgery.
  • Quality faux lashes are expensive and cheaper version contain more harmful chemicals.
  • In some cases, unnatural looking eyelashes
  • Glues and other agents may damage natural lashes and eyesight, permanently worsening over time with extended use.
  • Faux lashes tend to loosen and fall off

Lash extension may seem like a viable option for short term use, however if you love the look of long lashes consider Latisse™, for a safer option. Whether it’s for medical or cosmetic reasons, Latisse™ offers a lasting look that do not require chemicals that may potentially impair your eyesight. (more…)