Latisse vs Faux LashesDid you know that your eyelashes protect from your eyes from debris? They are very sensitive to touch and causes an involuntary blink whenever there is an object close to the eye. There is an ongoing debate in the cosmetic industry, in regards to eyelashes. Some want to see real lash growth while others prefer to a provisional option by purchasing. There is an ongoing debate in the cosmetic industry, in regards to eyelashes. Some want to see real lash growth while others prefer to a provisional option by purchasing lash extensions.

The temporary appearance of extra lashes might appeal to those who want more luxurious, dramatic lashes, maybe for a night out or an all-day glamorous look. Beauty comes with a price, and while faux lashes may give the look of extravagance they have been proven to cause serious damage, if not applied by a licensed beautician. They have been around for many years and experts say that more mature women are more likely to experience damage than younger age groups.

We’ve compiled a small list below, to outline some of the potential limitations when using faux lashes over extended periods.

  • Failure to apply by a professional may result in temporary damage or worse, corrective eye surgery.
  • Quality faux lashes are expensive and cheaper version contain more harmful chemicals.
  • In some cases, unnatural looking eyelashes
  • Glues and other agents may damage natural lashes and eyesight, permanently worsening over time with extended use.
  • Faux lashes tend to loosen and fall off

Lash extension may seem like a viable option for short term use, however if you love the look of long lashes consider Latisse™, for a safer option. Whether it’s for medical or cosmetic reasons, Latisse™ offers a lasting look that do not require chemicals that may potentially impair your eyesight. Madarosis is the absence or loss of eyelashes, while Hypotrichosis refers to a condition of abnormal hair patterns. Some are born with this condition, while others may have acquired it due to symptoms of medical treatments such as chemotherapy, tumors or burns. Latisse™, the first and only FDA approved eyelash growth serum, has been pioneered by the cosmetic industry for almost a decade now and still producing satisfied clients.Latisse in Orlando, Latisse Orlando, Orlando Latisse, Solutions Weight Loss

How it works:

  • Hair remains in perpetual growth state causing long and thick lashes
  • Bimatoprost, the active ingredient, reduces eye pressure as drops but elongates lashes when applied in its lash solution form
  • Applied to the base of the UPPER eyelashes,
  • Results are seen in 4 weeks and reach their full potential after 16 weeks

Latisse™ is the best alternative to faux lashes, the results are longer lasting and the procedure is less risky. You will not
have to worry about your eyesight. Latisse™ lengthens, thickens and darkens eyelashes and increases the number of lashes that grow from your eyelid. Procedures cost anywhere from $50- $300 and the results are guaranteed. No more filler, glue or potentially embarrassing loose lash catastrophes for you! After using Latisse™, the flutter of YOUR own lashes will amaze your family and friends. The choice is yours.

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