Ready to learn the secret trick behind successfully making a New Year’s resolution regarding diet and exercise? The most effective plan for making the smart and healthy eating decisions that show results. Coincidentally, it is also the same strategy for starting and keeping up an exercise regimen. The trick is to literallytake it one day at a time. Each day is its own journey, its own tracks of footprints of your entire life. When you approach each day like it was day one of a 1-day lifestyle change, numerous advantages present themselves. These advantages make it easier to carry on a brave front!

Motivation Stays High
The more you chant “this week will be different” means the more free and vague downtime to account for. Our hormones and eating habits are defined but what they are accustomed to. Years of poor eating and exercise habits do not change overnight just because you say so. With each new day you can swipe the slate clean and focus on the fresh day you have laid out before you. Even if yesterday was a great and productive day, today can be another great and productive first day!

Resolution Suggestion? Try using January 1st as you first Day 1 of many 1 Days!

Focus is Key
One of the hardest aspects of dieting is staying focused on the main goal at hand. No matter your reasoning, you started this journey with a purpose and have to stay on target to achieve it. Sometimes it is helpful to create a reminder checklist of all supplements, food intake requirements, and free time available to work out. Other times staying focused includes a strict regimen or coach to cancel out any and all flexibility to be swayed. Find what works for you in keeping your eyes on the prize.

Resolution Suggestion? Keep reminders in view. Maybe placing helpful Post-Its on mirrors or placing books and pictures with healthy choices in plain view wherever you usually lounge or rest.

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New Year, New Day

The shorter the time length your mind takes between refreshing the efforts of your weight loss solution, the better the chance you have of keeping the hope alive! For instance, its December 28th and the Christmas weekend was brutal on your dietary inhibitions. Now it is Monday morning and you’re feeling guilty and close to giving up with a binge. Why not CHOOSE to let go the past and treat today like a fresh start? The further you allow your emotions and self-doubt to lead your decision-making, the further away from success you’ll find yourself.

Resolution Suggestion? Decide when you first wake up in the morning, or even the night before a brand new day, to start the day with the belief that ‘today is its own journey’.

One bad meal can easily turn into a “bad day” and then that bad day into a bad last week. Then last week turns into the last few weeks. Next thing you know you’ve wasted a whole month or worse giving in to weakness. So remember to stay motivated, focused and “brand new” by redirecting your mindset toward staying positive!

Happy New Year & Good Luck to my fellow Solutions Weight Loss program winners!