Your spirits are high and you’re motivated to make some real changes to your body image. Any time is a good time to take control of your body, inside and out. However, there is something aboutstarting a new year with a new outlook on life. “New Year, New Me” seems to be the phrase of the season and you can be shouting it just as loud and proud! Whether it is by landscaping your yard, starting a weight loss program or tightening up skin definition, the time for improving oneself is always right now!

Most New Year’s resolutions are focused on some form of weight loss solution or program. Solutions Weight Loss has an HCG Diet designed to sculpt the ‘new you’ with the help of great meal planning and dietary supplement usage. Goals are set, met and the journey is cultivated based on personalized ramifications and healthcare guidelines. But what about beauty and cosmetic assistance? Your diet is going well or even completed and now you are looking at removing lines or tightening skin. You can stick with the same doctors that helped get your eating habits under control. Transformations come in many forms.



    – As one of the most commonly known and widely accepted injection systems, Botox relieves some of the tension in facial muscles. The purified protein solution reduces many of the lines and wrinkles the face accumulates over time. We all age, Botox helps you do it gracefully.


    – Much like the infamous Botox (though significantly different), Juvederm Ultra XC is an ingenious treatment that revitalizes the look and feel of your skin. Using elements already present, yet depleted over time, in your body, it restores structure, definition and ampleness of your features.


    – Flutter away 2015 with the sweep of your own-grown eyelashes! Add the fuller, longer enriched look and texture of your current eyelashes with this easy to apply treatment. The growth serum is a Do-It-Yourself solution that you apply each night to see the results you won’t believe until you see!


    – Tired of facing down in pictures to hide a double-chin or turkey-neck? Fat blasting is a reality on a cellular level with this injection solution. Get permanent results by attacking the excess fat cells in the problem area and be in and out of the office in 15 to 20 minutes.

The best aspect of each of these great and revolutionary treatments is the fact that they are all non-surgical. You don’t have to be self-conscious of appearance when there are safe and physician approved options right here in Orlando.