Are Your Wrinkles Showing Too Much Wisdom?  7 Anti-Aging Secrets You Should Follow

Are Your Wrinkles Showing Too Much Wisdom? 7 Anti-Aging Secrets You Should Follow

At every red light, I can count on my friend pulling down her car’s vanity mirror, looking into it while pulling back her face with both hands, and saying “So this is what a facelift would look like.”

While in the moment it is comical and we both have a laugh, she really doesn’t need one. However, I understand that every time we see a crease on our face that we could have sworn wasn’t there the day before, it is a slight cause of alarm.

Sometimes we get frustrated with our aging. How did these wrinkles get here? Why do kids have nice skin? And so on.

Then we become proud of our aging. Fine line and wrinkles show our journey, our wisdom. There is character in laugh lines for it means we spent most of our life smiling and laughing. I like the little creases in between my eyebrows, it means I was focused on doing or learning something with great content. Aging gives us character, power even.

However, I know what you’re thinking, character is good but too much of a good thing can become a bad thing.

If you’re looking for a natural way to slow the, well, “wisdom” of your skin, we have some secrets to do just that.

7 anti-aging secrets that will help you stay young:

Sometimes lifestyle changes can prove to be as beneficial as surgical inference; in all aspects of health. You may decide to go with a more invasive approach to anti-aging, but to maintain the results, lifestyle shifts are sometimes necessary. Here are some tips:

1. Always eat healthy, whole foods.

Those 100-Calorie packs are just not going to cut it. Your skin needs whole foods; produce, mixed grains, organic proteins. Produce like avocado contain antioxidant carotenoids that aid your skin in fighting off radicals that could cause damage (aging) to your skin cells. Mixed grains provide our bodies with minerals needed to absorb the nutrients of other nutrient dense foods. These minerals often include, iron, magnesium, and even zinc. Organic, grass-fed beef tend to higher percentages of omega-3 present in it. Omega-3 works as an antioxidant against free radicals and work to repair what exposure to the sun damages.

Some of the best whole foods for anti-aging includes blueberries, spinach, salmon, olive and coconut oil, tomatoes, and even dark chocolate helps reduce irritation from UV exposure!

2. Drink a lot of water.

Water is everywhere and there is a reason for that. One of the most effective and natural way to keep your wrinkles in check is to drink plenty of water, at least 8 – 10 glass a day. The skin is made of about 30% water and drinking ample amounts of water helps re-hydrate it which helps maintain elasticity.

Try infused water with lemon or cucumber. Lemon water is full of potassium and Vitamin C which fight off free radicals while also repairing the damage already done by them. Cucumber works as anti-inflammatory. Both are just great ways to cleanse your body of internal, unwanted toxins, too.

3. Get sleep.

We know this one if easier said than done. It’s like telling you to be less stressed (which also helps with anti-aging). You know eight hours of sleep are necessary not only for anti-aging but also for healthy living in general. If this is difficult for you, consider some changes to your nightly routine.

Drinking a glass of unprocessed cherry juice, over-the-counter melatonin, avoiding a screen for 30 minutes before bed, any of these made aid in your ability to sleep. If not, consider seeing a specialist for sleep care.

If sleep isn’t an issue and you’re still concerned with fine lines, discontinue sleeping with your face smashed into your pillow. This can causes creases in your skin from the fabric. Consider either sleeping on your back or changing your pillow cases to silk ones.

4. Avoid exposure to sun.

Wearing sunscreen every day is your number one, guaranteed way to prevent aging.

You know that UV radiation is the culprit to not only skin damage but also skin cancer. You know that you need to wear at least an SPF of 50 every single day. Yes, you can’t just wear sunscreen to the beach or to a baseball game. Even when you are indoors, UV rays are strong enough to penetrate buildings.

By protecting your skin from the most destructive force to your skin will only aid your efforts later in life keeping wrinkles at a minimal. Wear your sunscreen!

5. Add vitamin A to your diet.

Naturally, by adding whole foods to your diet, you will naturally add a variety of nutrients to your diet that you may not already be exposed to. However, Vitamin A specifically helps the production of collagen which repairs damaged skin tissues.

Collagen diminishes the harmful effects of oxidation, reduces wrinkles and fine lines, and helps decrease sun damage. Eggs, carrots, kale, and tuna are all high in Vitamin A.

6. Quit smoking.

If skin cancer, emphysema, and tooth decay aren’t reason enough to quit, perhaps your skin is. Smoking decreases the flow of blood to the skin and lowers the level of oxygen and vitamins to the outer layer of the body. It also destroys elastin and collagen, which are a must for a youthful skin. Hence, quit smoking if you want to look young.

7. Get expert advice on cosmetic procedures and products for skin regeneration.

This perhaps is the most important of them all. See a dedicated skincare doctor who is an expert in aging. They will be able to who can work with you and on your skin type to find out what is right for you, be it cosmetic procedures or products. There are a range of procedures to choose from and similarly an array of cosmetic products to lay your hands on. Sometimes all you need is a bit of guidance.


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