How did you handle the copious amounts of candy corn and goodies for the kiddies? Did you feel as though the traditions of the day REQUIRED you to have that cupcake with the black and orange icing? Don’t worry, you are not alone!

The answers to these questions should make you want to evaluate your normal eating habits just as much as the “special” days. Real solutions to weight loss trouble can be found right here in the Orlando/Kissimmee area all year round!

We humans are creatures of habit. Traditions are ingrained in us physically and emotionally and not all of them are part of a healthy, smart cycle. So if this holiday season you simply refuse to stick to the orders of your weight loss doctor or you falter from your HCG diet plan, just remember the key is moderation. If it is a must, don’t eat it all and fill up until you bust!

If you are willing to give it your best and focus that awesome will power that had you calling Solutions Weight Loss clinic in the first place, just remember to always be prepared. Strategy is not just for the football players of the Thanksgiving Day showdown!

Here’s some help:

    1. Eat before you get to the “big” table. A hearty, healthy breakfast and keeping up the proper eating regime throughout the day will help keep your hormones and cravings under control.


    1. Fill up on the healthier appetizers and offerings first. Work your way into the savory or sweet storm by starting off with the delicious light or even health choices of the day.
      a. Drinking water throughout the day and staying hydrated will help clear your mind(and stomach) to make smarter, more thoughtful decisions


    1. If you’re out and about doing shopping for friends and loved ones, steer clear of the restaurants and food courts pushing seasonal delicacies and holiday offers. There are plenty of healthy pumpkin treats and recipes that don’t involve a near sugar coma!


    1. Help keep focused by reminding yourself of the end results you want to see. At the least, focus on your most recent victory and the next goal you’ve set. It is the small victories that guide us to win the war.


  1. Don’t underestimate the power of a yummy snack…multiple times! Healthy snacking throughout the day will limit the desire to gorge yourself later on.
    a. Snacking while cooking the “big” meals is inevitable. Make sure the snacks are what you have planned, not just the samples of everything you make.

You can tell yourself today doesn’t count all you want. However, tomorrow is waiting right around the corner to remind you that it does. Enjoy your holidays and feel just as happy after them. Happy Holidays and Happy Snacking!