New Year, New Jean Size: Lose Weight in 2017

New Year, New Jean Size: Lose Weight in 2017

Dieting is one of those words we’d rather not say aloud. First of all, no one really cares to admit they want to lose weight. After all, your desire to lose a few pounds isn’t really anyone else’s business. Second of all, everyone has an opinion on dieting; what worked for them, or what doesn’t work, and honestly, all you care about is what will work for you.

After reaching out to experts in the field of healthy weight loss, we found a pretty common theme. The secret to lose the weight you want isn’t always a diet. It’s an adjustment whole foods and a step away from processed ones.

Lose Weight With Advice from 9 Industry Experts:

1. Rebecca Lee from

Registered Nurse and founder of

Some of the healthiest foods may already be those you have in your pantry. “Coconut oil also curbs your appetite due to the way MCTs are metabolized in your body [as] “a major component in coconut oil is lauric acid. Lauric acid keeps you safe from harmful and powerful microorganisms that are in the body”.

“Apple cider vinegar is a multipurpose force but for your health it packs “essential vitamins and minerals. Some of the nutrients include potassium, magnesium, fiber, amino acids, and antioxidants (cancer fighting)”. In fact, “a study…showed that subjects who took apple cider vinegar every day for 12 weeks lost weight. After a daily intake of 1 tablespoon and 2 tablespoons, subjects lost 2.6 lbs and 3.7 lbs”.

coconut oil

2. Samantha Salmon of

Owner of Earth’s Healing Café and health coach for Raw Food Meal Planner

“My favorite weight loss trend this year is the Pegan diet because it encourages the consumption of whole foods and omits harmful grains. Grains create tooth decay, mood imbalances, acid reflux and nutritional deficiencies. They are poisonous to the body after long term consumption…

I also love the new FitBit Charge 2 because of the guided breathing meditations…I wear mine all day every day. It auto tracks my sleep pattern and exercise. I use it to log my water and food intake. It’s like an accountability buddy that’s with you 24/7”.

3.Mike Kneuer of

Certified Personal trainer, Retired Pro Physique Competitor

“The biggest thing I tell my clients looking to lose body fat is to stop drinking their calories. They are only allowed to drink water or black coffee. If they need some flavor they can add some lemons or other fruit into a diffuser, but they are not to drink fruit juice. I’ve had clients lose 10pounds in a month just by cutting out soda and sugary drinks. A 20oz Coke has 240 calories and a whooping 65g or sugar!”

difused water

4. Scott Deuty of

Author of Secrets of an Over 50 Former Fat Man

“The Paleo diet does work. Getting rid of preservatives and carbs causes your body to consume its own fat for energy…the trick to [avoiding] hunger is to steer clear of high carbs and sugar. They burn fast and bypass your body’s ability to burn what you consume. Instead, you store the added fat and protein you take in rather than only using that which your body needs.

Increasing muscle definition gives the additional protein “a place to go” and benefits aerobic exercise greatly. Finally, your sluggishness will be reduced, your sleep patterns will become regular as will your bowel movements”.

5. Scott Schmaren of

NeuroPerformanceologist, author, public speaker

“All of the trends for weight loss are not effective for long term weight loss… Why? The focus is wrong. We focus on diet and exercise as the keys to weight loss; they are not…

The key is how we see ourselves at the core of our subconscious minds. If a person has struggled with their weight for a long time then the perception in their subconscious mind is that they are overweight and that is normal and good and any attempt to lose weight is bad…That is the reason almost everyone puts the weight they lose back on and usually more. If you change the picture and perception of yourself in your subconscious mind then eating correctly and getting good exercise will make sense…That changed my life”.

6. Katrina Love of

Author of Losing Weight is Healing Journey: A Woman’s Guide to Losing Weight Naturally

“My #1 weight loss tip for 2017 is, ‘Start your Weight Loss Healing Journey.’

On your healing journey, make the decision to change and to do something different. Stop dieting and instead learn about the miraculous nature of your body. Know that your excess weight is there for a good reason, and if you lovingly address and heal it at the root cause, your body can heal naturally…

Your body has an amazing ability to self-heal when you focus on holistically addressing the following 3 areas: healing your body, healing your mind, and healing your emotions”.


7. Mary Caroline Craig of

Certified Integrative Nutrition Health and Fitness Coach

“[Eat] healthy Fat and Fiber with every meal! When you consume good fats (non-saturated) and fiber, along with protein, you stay full longer, your blood sugar remains balanced, and you don’t crave more carbs!

[Avoid] eating a ‘sugar free’, packaged food diet. These foods usually contain ‘fake’ sugars that negatively react in our brain, making us crave even more carbohydrates – and they generally aren’t vegetable carbs”.

mango and avocado

8. Dan DeFigio of

Fitness and Nutrition Expert and author of bestselling Beating Sugar Addiction for Dummies

“Habits and baby steps…Humans are creatures of habit. Whatever you do most of the time, that’s what you’re like. Your behavior is not designed for drastic, immediate changes. My entire approach to coaching is to gradually replace unhealthy habits with healthier habits…Successful change needs to happen gradually, so that each new habit and lesson becomes a natural part of what you normally do. You can’t change 15 things all at once and expect to be able to maintain all those changes….When your body oxidizes stored fat for fuel, it will take it from wherever it wants to. Specific [zone-targeted] exercises or diet plans cannot target fat loss from a specific area. You can get fatter or you can get leaner, but you cannot decide where”.

9. Jamie Logie of

Personal trainer, nutritionist, author of Regained Wellness: Healthy Eating Starter Kit

“Many people are eating paleo “ish” as they are adding in some things like rice or oatmeal. This isn’t true paleo but still a good whole foods diet. The main benefit to me is not what these ways of eating contain, it’s what they DON’T contain. They avoid processed and refined garbage, sugars, trans fats etc. As long as your diet is whole foods based your body can do its thing and weight loss becomes more attainable.

I think the #1 [weight loss] dud are juice fasts… I think cleansing and detoxification are great but they should happen on a daily basis, not a short term period. This means more high nutrient green based foods such as kale, spinach, Swiss chard etc. Then making sure you’re getting enough water in each day but adding in things like fresh squeezed lemon to help in the cleansing process.”

yogurt and granola

10. Dorian Johnson of

ACE Certified Personal Trainer

“Abandon the diet altogether! Diets are restrictive and people would much rather be granted the freedom to eat what they want and get results, given they know how to. People don’t like being told what to do but if you give them options, they’re more likely to comply and since your nutrition is 80% of your weight loss success, not only is it more effective at losing weight than exercise, everyone can learn how to eat healthy!”

11. Neil O’Nova of

Author of Seven Top- Secret Fat Burning Bio-Hacks

“My #1 pick for the top weight-loss trend of 2017 is habit hacking…Habit hacking for weight loss is all about making healthy choices easier and more automatic…
[It works because] most people rely on willpower to resist temptations and make healthy choices. Unfortunately, this strategy almost never works in the long run. Our willpower is a limited resource; just like a muscle, it gets tired the more we use it…This trend helps you focus on a few critical habits that can have a big impact on your weight…without requiring a lot of time or work on your part”.

12. Jessica Cifelli of

“The past few years have seen a solid interest in fitness enthusiasts getting stronger, not just skinny… [we need to focus] our diets on macronutrient intake more than simply caloric intake is not only a great way to mindfully eat, but the ideal way to increase strength while losing fat concurrently…understanding the value that protein, fats and carbohydrates have in leaning out without compromising athletic performance is gaining serious ground in the industry”.


13. Chelsey Amer of

Registered Dietician Nutritionist and blogger for

“My favorite weight loss trend for 2017 has got to be gut health! Gut health has become sexy, hot and important for health and weight loss. Studies show that if your gut microbiome (good bacteria you should have in your intestines) is out of whack that you are more likely to suffer from depressed energy levels, hold on to extra pounds, develop chronic diseases and even mental illnesses. The standard American diet is low in fiber and high in saturated fat and added sugar, which contributes not only to weight gain but also gut dysbiosis (or an abnormal population of bacteria in your gut). If you eat high fiber foods like fruits and vegetables and whole grains, as well as fermented foods like miso, tempeh and kombucha tea you can help re-populate your gut with beneficial bacteria and also lose weight!”

paleo meal

14. Gin Stephens of

Author of Delay, Don’t Deny

“The best weight loss trend for 2017, bar none, is intermittent fasting. Not only is it fantastic for permanent weight loss, but it has health and longevity benefits beyond weight loss. The Nobel Prize in medicine for 2016 was related to a process called autophagy, and intermittent fasting stimulates this process…Intermittent fasting is changing lives.”

15. Rikke Norgaard of

“My number 1 pick for weight loss is based on my OWN body -my genetics -the one thing that will never change. We’re experiencing a trend in personalizing diets, exercise routines as well as lifestyle matters -such as sleep…Eating a higher fat diet is GOOD for me, though not necessarily so for everyone. My waistline in particular benefits from a diet high in monounsaturated fats as my body metabolize fat better vs carbohydrates that is more likely to be stored as fat.”

What’s interesting is that none of the experts really mentioned calories. However, it goes without saying that even when eating a wholesome food based diet, portion control is necessary to lose weight. For some, if calorie counting aids in your efforts to portion control, by all means, it is encouraged. The point is that eventually your “diet” will become a way of life instead of just a means to a weight loss end.

So what are you waiting for? 2017 is your time to get your food and mind right. 2017 is the year for a new you and a new jean size.

5 Secrets of The Top Resolution-Keepers Among Us

5 Secrets of The Top Resolution-Keepers Among Us

We’re already 31 days into the New Year, so chances are that if you are not one of the 8% of people who hold onto their resolutions, you might have already ditched your plans by now.

(I know, I’m having a hard time keeping mine.)

But I also have some good news for you – It’s not too late!

Over 40% of American make New Year’s Resolutions, while only 33% watch the Super Bowl! So, we definitely have the self-improvement game down. We aim high! Setting goals is almost as old of an American past time as putting clothes on dogs or watching fireworks on the 4th of July.

So, why don’t we take it one step further and learn how the 8% make their new year’s goals stick.

Reading this report from Forbes inspired us to dig deep-asking our patients, staff and friends their own secrets to success (We have a pretty high-achieving team here at Solutions Weight Loss).Without further ado, here is what they had to say:

1. Shout your goal from the rooftops.

Sure, it might take a little guts to tell your friends and family about those 10 pounds you want to lose or new workout routine you want to try. But the courage to speak up almost always leads to the courage to act. Once you’ve put it out there, not only do your friends know you’re serious, but you know it too. (And after all, that’s what really matters!) It’s a form of verbal commitment that says “Look at me world, this is who I am. This is who I’m going to be.” So, while we might advise you to avoid telling your hair stylist or postman about your goals, sharing them with people in your inner circle is often your first step to success.

2. Make a schedule.

Remember the adage, “Those who fail to plan, plan to fail?” Well, it’s absolutely true. Any time a new patient comes in wanting to try medical weight loss, we always encourage them to write down when they plan to take their appetite suppressants and weight loss supplements, along with a general schedule of the nutritious, real-food meals they plan to eat.

High Angle View Of Woman Sitting On Sofa With Calendar And Pen

Don’t believe me? A Harvard study shows that people who write down their professional goals earn about 10 times as much as the other 97 percent combined!

After all, that’s why we’re here! To provide the support they need. And while they might not like it at first, they’re always happy with the results.

Not interested in medical weight loss? That’s ok! Just make sure to follow any new diet or exercise plan through in your head first, before you plan to act. Write it on your wall calendar, or save it on your calendar app. Set an alarm. Schedule a notification. Do whatever you have to do today to help yourself reach your goal tomorrow.

3.  Keep it Simple.

With the HCG Diet Plan, the procedure is actually much simpler than the name implies. You just limit your caloric intake while taking the natural hormone Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (HCG) in prescribed doses every day. The results, however, are not simple in the least! Women lose up to half a pound of body fat per day! Men lose an average of 1-pound per day!

And they keep it off!

Another strategy is to match your eating patterns to the cycle of the seasons, which is something a lot of us are already inclined to do. Read this great post from our friend Dr. Cynthia to learn how to “Spring Clean” your diet!

Studies show that the less you have to think about the process of reaching a goal, the more likely you are to achieve it. Sometimes a set-it and forget-it mentality is best! (Of course, if you are doing a medically-supervised weight loss plan or HCG Diet Plan, you can only “forget it” once you have the proper medical team and strategies in place).

But if you’re doing something as simple as, say, cutting out carbs and sugars. Then, just do it!  It’s as simple (and effective) as that.

4.  Track your Progress

“If you can measure it, you can change it.” This fundamental principal of psychology describes the way our mind is connected to our will. It’s also why elementary school children need golden star stickers to know they’re on the right track.

National Trivia Day Once we can see small bits of progress towards our goal, we will be sure to take every step needed to reach the finish line. Another key part of tracking progress is to be exact in what you’re tracking.

For example, it is much easier to follow a plan that says “no chips, fries or cookies for six weeks” than something like “achieving a balanced diet of nutrient rich foods for “however long I can do it.”

So turning your goals into something you can actually measure is key.
Pounds to Lose

5. Be Patient

This is the hardest one for most people (but it’s honestly the most important). As humans, we are creatures of habit, and we hardly ever make progress in a straight line. Some people might see rapid gains at first, only to hit a wall months later. Others take more of a boomerang-like path until they reach their goals.

Still others make progress similar to the way an old car turns on. Initial progress may be slow, and even painful, but suddenly they achieve the breakthrough they were waiting for and are off to the races again!

Setting ambitious goals can be fun and exhilarating. But the obstacles and distractions you might meet along the way can take that excitement away very quickly.

Following these easy steps outlined above should help you stay in the “excited” zone and keep you among the top 8% that are still moving towards their goals this December (albeit, possibly sneaking an ice cream or slice or cake in mid-July).

Solutions Weight Loss is on your side!

Do you know the “skinny” on the 800 Calorie HCG Diet Plan lifestyle?

Do you know the “skinny” on the 800 Calorie HCG Diet Plan lifestyle?

The remarkably effective HCG diet plan was discovered (not created) in the 1950’s by a British researcher named Dr. Albert T. W. Simeons who observed that pregnant women in India shed fat while they were pregnant while still maintaining their lean muscle mass.

They were malnourished, but they still gave birth to very healthy babies. It was then that he realized right away that pregnant women had something most people don’t.

Young pregnant black woman holding a green apple, isolated on white background - African people

It turns out that pregnant women carry a hormone (HCG) that would pull calories and fuel from stored fat INSTEAD of lean muscle mass to feed the baby in their womb.

Of course, Dr. Simeons believed that anyone could use that same hormone to reach their weight and fat loss goals safely – while keeping their lean body mass. And (surprise, surprise) he was right!

HCG is a peptide naturally produced in large amounts by the placenta during early pregnancy. It has many functions in utero and is used medically to treat a variety of conditions. HCG was thought by Dr. Simeons to work on the hypothalamus of the brain where it encourages the body to release “fixed” or “abnormal” fat stores for fuel.

How does the HCG Diet Plan work?

The plan is simple: eat a low (500-calorie/day) diet and take HCG hormone supplements – the same hormone pregnant women produce – and shave off pounds and pounds of fat safely, without harming your body’s natural metabolic rate.

Sounds easy enough, right?

Well, yes and no. The trick is NOT to just eat less calories. If that was all there was to it, you wouldn’t really need to use the hormones would you? (Trust me: I get that question all time time, so I know that’s what you’re thinking).

The trick is actually NOT in the calorie count but in the strict reduction of fat, sugars and carbs from your diet. ONLY when you reduce fat can your body try to use the fat is already has and ONLY when you take HCG injections does your body turn to your stored fat INSTEAD of your lean muscle mass.
Warning: Without the hormones and only the diet, YOU WILL lose lean muscle mass and risk damaging your natural metabolic rate.

Warning: Without the hormones and only the diet, YOU WILL lose lean muscle mass and risk damaging your natural metabolic rate.

Stage 1: The Indulgence

The first step in the HCG Diet Plan is to get your body ready to burn all that fat in the first place. For the first 2-3 days, you should indulge yourself without overdoing it. Take your HCG supplements or injections, but eat as much of your favorite foods as you would like.

Why not just jump right into the diet plan?

It takes about 2-3 days after taking the hormone for your body to access your “abnormal fat stores,” which are key to losing weight long term. You want to keep your normal fat stores well-stocked until that point. After the first 3 days, you should be ready for the 2nd stage.

Stage 2: The Burn

The 2nd stage is the main stage of the HCG diet. Once the 2-3 day indulgence (or “loading”) phase is over, it is time for the real work to begin. The #1 rule is to limit yourself to 500 calories per day of lean meats, vegetables and fruit.

Note: Just following the 500-calorie a day rule and ignoring the rest will NOT get you the results you desire. You can’t eat whatever you want under that limit. Instead, you need to focus on eating lean proteins, fruit and vegetables, while limiting your fat, sugar and carbohydrates. Also, as always, be sure to drink plenty of water.

To learn more about fats, starches and what to avoid, read this guide from Harvard on good fats, bad fats and those confusing “in-between” fats.

Here is what an average Stage 2 Day on the HCG Diet Plan looks like:

Stage 1-The Indulgence i (2)

According to Dr. Simeon, breakfast should just be liquids, such as coffee or tea.

Lunch and dinner follow this simple formula: one lean protein, one vegetable, one fruit, and one starch.

Proteins (2 servings a day) can include the following:

  • chicken breast (no thighs or fatty pieces)
  • lean beef
  • lobster
  • crab
  • shrimp
  • veal or any white fish
  • *Avoid fatty fish, such as eel, herring, salmon or tuna.

Vegetables (2 servings a day) can include the following:

  • Beet Greens
  • Spinach
  • Green Salad
  • Chard
  • Chicory
  • Tomatoes
  • Celery
  • Red Radishes
  • Asparagus
  • Onions
  • Cucumbers
  • Cabbage

Fruits (2 servings a day) can include the following:

  • Strawberries (a handful)
  • Small-medium sized orange
  • One apple
  • 1/2 of a grapefruit

Starches (2 servings a day) can include the following:

  • One low-fat breadstick
  • One Melba Toast
  • Two Melba Rounds

Side note: I have had several patients who spread their dinner and lunch menus out during the day to avoid skipping breakfast. This is perfectly fine! As long as you stick to the basic menu items and 500-calorie plan, you will get the results you desire.

Stage 3: Stabilization

In his book, “Pounds and Inches,” Dr. Simeons recommended following a strict protocol for 3 weeks AFTER finishing Stage 2 and stopping your HCG drops or injections.

Here is what he recommends during this stage:

  • Weight yourself every day to make sure you remain within 2 pounds of your most recent injection weight
  • Avoid ALL sugars and starches (or, realistically, limit your intake greatly)
  • Eat AT LEAST 100 grams of cooked, lean protein per day (if you go over your 2 pounds of Stage 2 weight, plan a steak day right away)

Even though you are done with your injections, this stage is 100% crucial to the success of the HCG diet. Why?

From the day you stop your last HCG injection, your body will be very sensitive to high-sugar or high-carbohydrate foods. It is critical that you follow this phase as faithfully as you did Stage 2.

During Stage 3, your hypothalamus will reset, rewiring your metabolism and erasing the effects of yo-yo dieting and poor eating habits. The weight you reach on the morning of your last injection is the weight that you should use as a basis for your maintenance phase. Many call this Last Injection Weight (LIW).

Here are some words from Dr. Simeons himself that illustrates this point:

“It takes about 3 weeks before the weight reached at the end of the treatment becomes stable, i.e. does not show violent fluctuations after an occasional excess. During this period patients must realize that the so-called carbohydrates (that is: sugar, rice, bread, potatoes, pastries), are by far the most dangerous.

If no carbohydrates whatsoever are eaten, fats can be indulged in… But as soon as fats and starch are combined things are very liable to get out of hand. This has to be observed very carefully during the first 3 weeks after the treatment is ended otherwise disappointments are almost sure to occur.”

Ready to try HCG for yourself and melt those extra pounds away? Here are some key reminders and tips to keep in mind:

  • Avoid using oil-based cosmetics or skincare products, as added oils can interfere with the hormones and derail your results
  • Always plan your meals ahead of time, and set yourself up for success. If you get hungry before lunch, “borrow” a fruit or vegetable from the other meals. As long as you stay under 500 calories, you will still be on target.
  • Take the maintenance phase seriously, as outlined above.

Why use medically-supervised weight loss instead of following the HCG plan myself?

After Stages 1 and 2 of the HCG Diet, it is important to make significant dietary and lifestyle changes to support your body and sustain the weight loss. With medical supervision, the HCG Diet also provides a safe and reliable means to treating obesity.

HCG diet programs that provide the best results offer a medically-supervised program that supports the patient before, during, and after weight loss. As with any weight loss program, it is not uncommon for patients to put pounds back on once they go back to eating the standard American diet.

One of our favorite things about the HCG Diet protocol is that our patients lose the majority of their weight from fat mass and not lean mass. However, the HCG Diet is not a “magic wand.” You cannot remove fat stores forever or simply reset the hypothalamus and go back to eating a normal diet. To achieve the best lifelong results and change, consider a medically-supervised plan with a doctor who is experiencing in helping patients gain long-term results.

New Resolutions, Old Tricks

New Resolutions, Old Tricks

Ready to learn the secret trick behind successfully making a New Year’s resolution regarding diet and exercise? The most effective plan for making the smart and healthy eating decisions that show results. Coincidentally, it is also the same strategy for starting and keeping up an exercise regimen. The trick is to literally (more…)

Today Doesn’t Count

How did you handle the copious amounts of candy corn and goodies for the kiddies? Did you feel as though the traditions of the day REQUIRED you to have that cupcake with the black and orange icing? Don’t worry, you are not alone!

The answers to these questions should make you want to evaluate your normal eating habits just as much as the “special” days. Real solutions to weight loss trouble can be found right here in the Orlando/Kissimmee area all year round!

We humans are creatures of habit. Traditions are ingrained in us physically and emotionally and not all of them are part of a healthy, smart cycle. So if this holiday season you simply refuse to stick to the orders of your weight loss doctor or you falter from your HCG diet plan, just remember the key is moderation. If it is a must, don’t eat it all and fill up until you bust!

If you are willing to give it your best and focus that awesome will power that had you calling Solutions Weight Loss clinic in the first place, just remember to always be prepared. Strategy is not just for the football players of the Thanksgiving Day showdown!

Here’s some help: (more…)

Candy Here, Candy There, Candy EVERYWHERE

sweet candyWhich is scarier to you, a makeshift ghost with a Jack-o-Lantern head or candy corn? October has arrived and with it, one of the most sugary holidays there is; Halloween. October is a time for scary activity of all kind. Holiday eating habits can be one of the scariest. Don’t let your weight loss solution go astray because of binging on sweets. From work parties and goodie bags filled with sweet treats to the candy the kiddies bring home from trick or treating and leftover treats from the bowl by your front door; the sugar amounts can be downright terrifying. (more…)